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Achieve, Care, Enjoy


We have sent a copy of this list home. Try to tick off as many as you can with your child/children during their time at Howitt Primary Community School.


 The children’s folders are kept in school at this time. There are many activities which can be achieved at home even during lockdown!


All you need to do it make a note of the number and collect some evidence, this may be written, recorded or even a photograph.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could give out  lots of awards?



  1. Cook a family meal
  2. Send school a postcard from holiday
  3. Make something with your family and bring into school
  4. Go on a family visit and send a picture or write it up
  5. Join your local library, attend with family and then read a book together.
  6. Write/e-mail to another member of the Embark Family at a different school.
  7. Play a game with another child from the Embark Family at a different school.
  8. Visit theatre either with school or a family member.
  9. Take a walk in the countryside.
  10. Have a family picnic.
  11. Interview a family member about their job.
  12. Draw your family tree and speak to a family member about the past.
  13. Visit the beach, build a sandcastle and take a picture.
  14. Build a den and take a photo of your family inside.
  15. Attend a sporting event.
  16. Attend a visit with another school from the Embark Family.
  17. Grow something to enjoy or eat in your garden.
  18. Visit another country and write a diary.
  19. Go to a place of worship with your family.
  20. Perform at a school show to the members of your family.
  21.  Photograph a family pet and describe how you look after/care for it after a week.
  22. Encourage all members of your family to write a comment on our school website or social media page
  23. Climb a mountain as a team
  24. Play a board game/teach your family a game
  25. Play in the snow and build something eg. a snowman