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Spring 1 - The Anglo-Saxons

How did life change under the influence of the Anglo-Saxons?


We are looking forward to learning about how Britain changed after the Romans left and the Anglo-Saxon tribes settled in Britain. 


We launched our topic by baking 'Anglo-Saxon' bread. We made both 'royal' and 'peasant' bread and explored how not all Anglo-Saxons had access to the same foods. We particularly enjoyed getting to taste the different breads at the end! 



We have been learning about why the Anglo-Saxons came to Britain and the things they changed whilst here. We have learned about the 7 kingdoms they established and have been using our independent research skills to find out about the kings who ruled each kingdom. We can't wait to find out more!

Anglo-Saxons - continued Spring 2

We are carrying on our learning for 2 more weeks. We have enjoyed learning about Anglo-Saxon settlements and what Anglo-Saxon life was like.

Please look at our research below! 

End of topic outcome: Anglo-Saxon Houses

To finish off our topic, we enjoyed constructing our own Anglo-Saxon houses to create a class settlement. We had learned lots about Anglo-Saxon settlements in our topic lessons and we really enjoyed bringing our learning to life! We used and developed lots of DT skills and although we found it challenging at times, we are very proud of our finished products!