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Past Work

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Spread a Little Kindness

The Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy today at 11 am (18.6.20) during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’. 


Watch the assembly here:


A recording of the assembly will be available to view on the Oak National Academy website following the event.



A Special Assembly


Please join us for an assembly where Primary school children across the UK can listen to  Ant & Dec, David Williams and Sally from the NSPCC for a special assembly in partnership with the Department of Education.

The assembly will help children to understand the huge changes in their lives during the coronavirus pandemic and how important it is to speak about our feelings and thoughts - two things we can all safely share together at this time. Please click on the link to the NSPCC website, which is where you will be able to follow the link and watch the assembly:















Have you had a busy week?

We'd like you to join our yoga session. Yoga started over 5000 years ago and with regular practice can help our mind and our clever brain to concentrate, keep calm and relaxed.




Oak National Academy 

For additional work below is also the link for the year 1 activities on the government backed website. This link provides videos of lessons for you to follow along with tasks to complete.

Your special home learning challenge!


Dear Children 


We would like you to choose a topic that is of real interest to you, it might be a place you enjoy going to e.g. London, a sport, a type of animal, your favourite book, a person you admire e.g. ‘my Nana’, ‘The Queen’  etc… Absolutely any topic you wish. Make it personal to you and your interests. Choose something you can do internet research on and use books you have at home. 


Then we would like you to work on a personal project about that topic which covers different areas of our curriculum.


Start by thinking about what you know about your topic and make a mind map of all the knowledge you currently have.


Next try to think if you can do these challenges:

  1. Can you find out about a famous person in history or now who is linked to your topic? (History) 
  2. Can you find out about a famous event linked to your topic? (History) 
  3. Can you draw a map to show how your chosen topic is linked to different countries or places? (Geography)
  4. Can you create a picture about your topic? (Art)
  5. Can you make a model using junk linked you your topic? (Technology)
  6. Can you make a fact sheet about your topic? (English)
  7. Can you write a story which is inspired by your topic? (English)


To do all of these you will have to read about your topic on the internet and in books and make notes. 


You can present your ideas however you want! Be creative, make it look attractive and show pride in your work! 


We will make a display of them back at school and share them with everyone else. 


When you have finished please repeat your mind map of knowledge and show yourself how much you have learned. 


Good Luck 

Enjoy yourself