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Summer 1

Summer 1 - This half term our topic is 'Magical Minibeasts'


This half term the children have chosen their own theme, as they have a keen interest in animals specifically minibeasts and bugs. The children will talk about some of the things they have been learning, such as the names of minibeasts, where they live and how we can look after them. The children will begin to understand how animals grow including a life cycle of a butterfly. The children will make comments and asks questions about aspects of their familiar world such as the place where they live and their natural world. Children will talk about why things happen and how things work, and take notice of seasonal changes at this time of year.


This half term the children will have a unique opportunity to learn about and share in the celebrations of the Kings Coronation.


The children will continue to learn through different stories and rhymes. They will also learn all about the different parts of a book including the front cover, back cover, spine, blurb (which tells us a little bit about the story), the title and the author – the children will know some of these already so please ask them when you share stories at home J.


The children will continue to have a wide variety of learning opportunities though our continuous provision both indoors and outdoors and will be encouraged to share their interests and favourite things with us.