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Year 4

Hello Year 4 smiley



Lockdown January 2021


Information about home learning in lockdown 2021 can be found here and on this page you will your home learning timetable for each week. (Please see 'star' below). 


For week one, (from 5.1.21) we are sending home a work pack with some activities in, a book to complete the work in, a pencil and login details for your own online reading books (please contact school if you need to collect this).


From week two, (from w/c 11.1.21 onwards) we will be setting online work and we will be checking that work is being completed. Regular feedback will be given including in our morning welcome meetings (starting w/c 11th January). 


Message to year 4:

We are sorry that we can't teach you all in person at the moment but we hope you have lots of fun completing your online learning. You will have a new timetable each week that matches what you would be doing in school. Each lesson has an activity or a link to a website for you to complete. For some lessons you will need your logins for Purple Mash, My Maths, TTRS and your new Collins Big Cat reading login which is in your pack.


Remember, you can also keep in touch with us via the 2Email app on Purple Mash and we will be holding our daily 'Meet and Greet' sessions at 9:30am on Google Classroom as from Monday 11th January


Take care and stay safe!


Miss Brooks, Mrs Knowles and Mrs Babicki 



The work you will find below is from the previous lock down and previous isolation periods (2020). 

January 2021 - Y4 (Class 3/4E).


If you need to isolate at home for any reason, please log in to Purple Mash and see what learning activities you have been asked to complete. 


The lessons will mostly follow what you would have been studying if you were in school. 

Make sure you complete the tasks set so that your teacher can mark the work you have finished and give you feedback.


Please log in to MyMaths and complete any activities set. 


Please make use of TTRS and complete a sound check. Please complete 20 minutes of time.

Summer 2020

Gosh! We really can't believe that it is the end of the school year already! We hope you have enjoyed your lessons, even though you've had to find new ways to learn. Now it's time for a long rest and fun in the sun - hopefully!

If you are missing all of the activities which happen at the end of the school year, why not do some of them at home? You could:

  • plan your  own sports day and make certificates
  • say thank you to all of the people who have helped you with learning at home this year - perhaps make some thank you cards 
  • think about what you have done well this year and decide what you need to improve next year - make a target chart that you can tick off eg the number of times you practise reading or learn your times tables or spellings
  • hold your own Howitt's Got Talent show with members of your family


We look forward to saying hello to you all in September. We bet that some of you have really grown! Enjoy your break and we will see you all soon smiley

Best wishes from Mrs.Babicki , Mr.Donaldson and Mrs.Knowles



Summer Term 2 Week 7 - 13/07/20 - Timetable and web links
Summer Term 2 Week 6 - 06/07/20 - Timetable and web links
Summer Term 2 Week 5 - 29/06/20 - Timetable and web links
Summer Term 2 Week 4 - 22/06/20 - Timetable and web links
Summer Term 2 Week 3 - 15/06/20 - Timetable and web links


Spread a Little Kindness

The Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy today at 11 am (18.6.20) during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’. 


Watch the assembly here:


A recording of the assembly will be available to view on the Oak National Academy website following the event.


A Special Assembly


Please join us for an assembly where Primary school children across the UK can listen to  Ant & Dec, David Williams and Sally from the NSPCC for a special assembly in partnership with the Department of Education.

The assembly will help children to understand the huge changes in their lives during the coronavirus pandemic and how important it is to speak about our feelings and thoughts - two things we can all safely share together at this time. Please click on the link to the NSPCC website, which is where you will be able to follow the link and watch the assembly:

Summer Term 2 Week 2 - 8/06/20 - Timetable and web links
Summer Term 2 Week 1 - 1/06/20 - Timetable and web links

SUMMER TERM 2 June 1st  2020


Hello Year 4 laugh

Have you had a good break? It's been very hot,  hasn't it? If we were at school, we would have been asking you to bring your sun cream and sun hats, wouldn't we?!  We do hope you have had fun and a good rest. Time to get back to learning now laugh We are starting a new topic about Oceans and Continents which we hope you will enjoy. Stay safe -  and enjoy your lessons!

Mrs.Babicki, Mr.Donaldson and Mrs.Knowles. 


SUMMER TERM 20th April 2020

Hello Year 4 laugh

We hope you all had an enjoyable Easter - even though it was very different this year! The weather has been lovely so we hope you were able to play outside. It's the start of the Summer Term now, so it's time to get back to our learning. laugh


This term we are starting a new Humanities topic about the local area and a new Science topic about habitats (though we have to finish our Sounds topic this week). In PE this term, we would have been doing tennis and athletics so if you want to, you could find out about these sports in your PE time. We know that some of you are doing the Joe Wicks daily workout so keep going with that - it's a great way to keep fit! 


We hope that you enjoy your learning this term. Try hard but don't forget to make time for some fun in the sun! laugh

Here a few more non screen activities from Mr.Donaldson to keep you busy!

Summer Term Week 5 - 18/05/20 - Timetable and web links

Hello from Mrs.Babicki, Mr. Donaldson and Mrs.Knowles laugh

Here is your weekly timetable. Please don't worry if you can't complete all of the activities. Just do your best and enjoy learning! Take care and stay safe smiley

Summer Term Week 4 - 11/05/20 - Timetable and web links


Hello laugh  Aren't the weeks flying by?! We are starting Week 4 of the Summer Term already! Mr.Donaldson and Mrs. Knowles were really pleased to hear how you were all keeping busy and enjoying using the weekly timetable. Well done, and keep up the good work laugh


We've made some tiny changes to the timetable this week. Some parents have said that they like using Purple Mash activities for the English lessons because everything is in one place on the website. Other parents (and some children!) have said that they would like to have a real teacher teaching their lessons. That's why we have begun using some of the lessons from the National Academy.


This week we have given you a choice of lessons for English. You can choose either the Purple Mash 'Animal Boy' story activities, or the National Academy lessons about writing news reports. Please don't switch between the two - choose one set of lessons or the other. (You could always read Animal Boy in your afternoon reading slot, if you choose to do the news report lessons.) 


Another slight change is that we have put the web links on the timetable itself. They're quite small but should still work. Let us know if there are any problems but, most of all,  enjoy your learning! 

Summer Term Week 3 - 4/05/20 - Timetable and web links

Summer Term Week 2 - 27/04/20 - Timetable and web links

Year 4 Spellings Term 3a Overview

Easter Break

Hello Year 4 laugh 

We hope that you and your families are all well and that you have managed to do some learning while you are at home. We have been busy too as we have been writing your school reports. It's lovely for us to remember how well you have done since you joined us in Year 4 last September! Keep learning your times tables and common exception word spellings and read as often as you can, then you will get off to a flying start in Year 5 laugh.


We will put another timetable of weekly activities on here on Sunday April 19th, ready to begin the week on Monday 20th April. We will be starting a new topic all about the local area. In the meantime, you can do some of our non screen challenges or make the most of the lovely weather we are expecting. Whatever you do, have fun and don't eat too many Easter eggs!


Mrs.Babicki, Mr.Donaldson and Mrs Knowles



Non Screen Challenges

Mr.Donaldson has put together a list of activities which don't need access to the internet. Why not give them a go?

Week 1 Activities

Here is a timetable of activities which you can do at home this week. (You might want to do all the tasks in a big notebook to keep them all together.) Click on the web links to find the web pages that you will need to complete the tasks. You may need to use the passwords that you wrote in your reading record. Have fun learning at home smiley


My Maths - when you have completed the lessons, you can use your personal login to do the homework task. If you do this, your teachers can see how you are getting on! 


Spellings - the list of spellings for this week is on the Year 4 Term 2B document.



Week 2  Activities

Hello smiley  We hope that you are enjoying doing some of the activities on the timetable at home. We also hope that you have managed to find time to play outside in the sunshine. It would have been a lovely time to go Lea Green, wouldn't it?!  Are you joining in with Joe Wicks's PE lesson each morning at 9.00 am on You Tube? It's really good fun! It's fascinating hearing Joe's shout outs and finding out about children all over the world who are joining in too! 

Anyway, here is the timetable for Week 2. (Message for parents - Please don't worry if you can't get on to the suggested websites. Sometimes, you can't do an activity in Google Chrome if it uses Flash Player. It usually works if you open the page in Internet Explorer /Microsoft Edge. If this still doesn't work, feel free to search the internet for other websites to support learning for that lesson.)  Have fun! 

Spellings -Year 4 Term 2B

Spellings -Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words

Here is the list of spellings which all children are expected to be able to read and spell correctly in Years 3 and 4. These are words which we often find tricky to spell because they don't fall a rule. Choose a small group to learn and use the ideas from Fun Ways to Learn Your Spellings to make it enjoyable! 

Spellings -Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words

Here are the tricky words for Year 1 and Year 2.  Have a look through the list and see which words you can spell confidently. Then use the Fun Ideas for Learning spellings to help you to learn the words you are still finding tricky. Remember - make it fun! 

Spellings -Fun Ways to Learn Spellings

Here are lots of ideas to help you have fun as you learn your weekly spellings and words from the Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Word List. Enjoy! 


It's really important that you continue to practise reading each day while you're at home. You can follow the link to the Oxford Owls page and use your login details to read books from our reading scheme or read your own books. Whatever you choose to read, write it in your reading record as you usually would.