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We are Geographers!

Our curriculum is designed to allow all of our children to develop a curiosity for the world around them.  Below are just some of our recent examples of our children becoming curious and inquisitive geographers.


We have recently been reading and retelling the story: "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".  We have made our own maps, showing the route from the house to the bear's cave.

For Howitt Day , we became more familiar with our school. We went on a tour around our school and we found lots of interesting places that we have never been before, including the staff room!  We managed to find our way to the Year 6 classrooms on the other side of the school.

In Reception we have been exploring world maps, atlases and globes.

We have been reading the story “Meerkat Mail” and we have all become fascinated with the continent of Africa and the amazing animals who live there. When we investigated the different animals, who call the continent of Africa home, we were surprised to learn about the different landscapes and how some animals only lived in certain landscapes. 


As a class, we created our own base map showing the different landscapes you will find in the continent of Africa as well as where different African animals live.

As part of our learning on Lunar New Year, we became curious about where China was in the world and where we live. We enjoyed exploring the different maps and finding out lots of facts as well as making observations.

We found out that:

  • “Russia is the biggest country….its huge!”
  • “We live in the U.K and it’s so small.”
  • “You might need to go on a plane to visit China…its such a long way away.”
  • “There’s mountains in China.”


Key stage One have been learning about different climates around the world. They have identified hot and cold climates as well as identifying the equator on a world map.  The children have been developing their map skills to make observations. As part of their topic on traditional tales, they have developed their map reading skill by learning about symbols and creating their own maps to show a route to a destination.


Year 3 and 4 enjoyed conducting their fieldwork in Heanor. They had been learning about Roman towns and went to compare the layout of a traditional Roman town with the layout of Heanor town. Although Heanor was not a Roman town, the children could see how the Romans  influenced how towns were built in our country and found lots of similarities.


Recently, Y3/4 have been deepening their knowledge about Italy. They have used their knowledge of human and physical features to create their own base maps of Italy. They have also been learning about volcanoes, including the different impacts that a volcanic eruption can have across the globe. 


As part of a recent topic about The U.S.A, children in Y5/6 have been learning about how America is similar but different to The U.K. They have been comparing how democracy works in both countries and considering how The U.S.A has influenced the word.


Recently Y6 conducted their own fieldwork around Heanor. They were investigating the changing land use of the local area as well as applying their map skills to develop their own sketch maps showing the route they took around Heanor. 

In Years 5&6, the children have been developing their knowledge of Great Britain whilst also advancing their geographical skills: