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Week 3

Question marks and exclamation marks.


This week we are going to revise the use of question marks and also think about when we could use an exclamation mark in our writing.


Watch the video below to start your learning.


Question marks


Once you have watched the video and completed the activities try to write 10 questions of your own.

Remember to use all the different question words, who where, when, what and why.

Can you ask someone in your family to answer the questions? What did you find out?


Exclamation marks

Remember an exclamation mark is used to show shock or surprise

I don't believe it!


or it can be used when issuing a command




Draw, paint or collage a picture of a space scene, you could include a rocket, an alien, an astronaut and the moon!

Underneath write down sentences to describe your picture or what the characters might say e.g.

It's an alien!

5,4,3,2,1 Blast off!


Finally complete the consolidation task to see if you can correctly work out which sentences need a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark!

There are some online tasks for you to complete on Purple Mash, so log in to your ' 2do's' to find them!