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Design Technology at home

Early Years Design and Technology at home

Encourage your child to try out these activities to improve their DT skills:

  • Get your child to sort objects by different criteria. You could do this by getting them to help to set the table or organise shopping items to be put away.
  • When talking to your child, look for opportunities to notice and discuss materials around them – utensils in the kitchen, tree barks on a walk, soft furnishings in the bedroom.
  • While speaking, use the language of designing and making, for example words such as ‘join', ‘build' and ‘shape'. And use evaluative and comparative language – ‘longer', ‘shorter', ‘lighter', ‘heavier' and ‘stronger'.
  • Encourage and support the use of a range of tools, such as scissors, hole punch, stapler, glue spreader, rolling pin, cutter and grater.


Key Stage 1 & 2

If you’d like free design and technology activities to do with your child at home, this blog could be for you. You’ll find a variety of exciting ideas and projects for your little designer.

Click on the link below:

Back to School: Ten Free Design Technology Activities and Ideas for Parents (

The blog from Twinkl includes different projects, step by step guilds, videos and links to resources. 


Design and Technology KS1 / KS2: I Want to Design

In this series of short films the designers from CBBC's I Want My Own Room pass on their top tips and design know-how to provide children with ideas and inspiration to get creative.

Click the link below:

I Want to Design - BBC Teach