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Welcome to the Howitt Nursery information page, I am Miss Gregg the nursery teacher, I work alongside three nursery teaching assistants Mrs. Poyser, Mrs. Sloman and Mrs. Riley. Myself and all the teaching assistants will support your child’s learning journey throughout their time in nursery.



2 year Funding


From September 2017 we will be providing free childcare places for 2 year olds for morning sessions 8.45 to 11.45am.


To check if you are eligible for free 15 hours and apply visit



If you wish to book a visit or require any more information please phone Ellinor Edgeley Early Years Co-ordinator or Debbie Walker on 01773 713217


30 hour funding for 3 and 4 year olds


From September 2017 parents who are entitled to the 30 hour free funding will be able to have a full time place at Howitt Nursery.


You can check if you are eligible by logging on to: 

and then follow the links on the screen.  Once you have your eligibility code please bring it in to school and you can fill in your session choices.


If you need any more information please phone 01773 713217 for further help and advice.



Nursery sessions

am session 8.30-11.30am

pm session 12.30-3.30pm

all day session 8.30-3.30pm (bring your own lunch)

Extra sessions will cost £3.50 per hour

Breakfast club is also available from 7.30 am

Learning in Nursery



Each half term the children will be involved in a different topic/learning themes, our topics for this year are:


  • Ourselves – What do I know about me?
  • Toys - What are our favourite toys?
  • Traditional Stories - What is your favourite part of a story?
  • Caring for our world - How can we care for where we live? How do we care for each other?
  • Growing - What can we grow in the garden?
  • Authors – What are our favourite books?


Other useful information about our nursery and the Early Years can be found in our nursery prospectus. Please take a look and if you have any questions please come in and see the nursery staff.

For more information please see our half term topic newsletter (link listed below). The newsletter also contains dates for your diary and other events happening in the Early Years.

Nursery Newsletter

Events in Nursery

Here are some photos showing you some of the fun activities we do in nursery.

Nursery Stay and Learn Session - Toys, games and board games

Nursery Stay and Learn Session - Phonics (Phase 1 Phonics)

Phonics Phase 1 Power Point Presentation

Nursery Art Week

Nursery Art Week 1
Nursery Art Week 2
Nursery Art Week 3
Nursery Art Week 4
Nursery Art Week 5
Nursery Art Week 6
Nursery Art Week 7
Nursery Art Week 8
Nursery Art Week 9
Nursery Art Week 10
Nursery Art Week 11
Nursery Art Week 12
Nursery Art Week 13
Nursery Art Week 14
Nursery Art Week 15
Nursery Art Week 16
Nursery Art Week 17
Nursery Art Week 18

Nursery Art Week

We have learning all about the artist Jackson Pollock. We looked at his style of painting and how he dribbles, splats and flicks the paint. We recreated this with different activities both inside and outside using lots and lots of paint.

We all got a bit messy! smiley


Habitats Wow Day

Habitats Wow Day 1 Bird houses.
Habitats Wow Day 2 Looking for minibeasts and birds.
Habitats Wow Day 3 We found a slug.
Habitats Wow Day 4 A bee in a flower.
Habitats Wow Day 5 We found an ants nest.
Habitats Wow Day 6 We looked for minibeasts in and under things.
Habitats Wow Day 7 Minibeast story time.
Habitats Wow Day 8 Making a minibeast hotel.
Habitats Wow Day 9 Making a minibeast hotel.
Habitats Wow Day 10 Looking for minibeasts in the grass.
Habitats Wow Day 11 Playdough minibeasts.
Habitats Wow Day 12 Counting spiders.
Habitats Wow Day 13 Minibeast small world.
Habitats Wow Day 14 Minibeast books
Habitats Wow Day 15 Hannah's Garden
Habitats Wow Day 16 Looking for frogs.
Habitats Wow Day 17 We found a frog!
Habitats Wow Day 18 Tadpoles from the pond.

Nursery Stay and Learn  - Numbers and Counting

Parents and carers were invited into nursery to see how we teach and how the children learn numbers and counting.

There were lots of games and activities for us to play with.

Take a look at our photos

Numbers and Counting

Numbers and Counting  1
Numbers and Counting  2
Numbers and Counting  3
Numbers and Counting  4
Numbers and Counting  5
Numbers and Counting  6
Numbers and Counting  7
Numbers and Counting  8
Numbers and Counting  9
Numbers and Counting  10
Numbers and Counting  11
Numbers and Counting  12
Numbers and Counting  13
Numbers and Counting  14
Numbers and Counting  15
Numbers and Counting  16
Numbers and Counting  17
Numbers and Counting  18

Helping your child at home


During your child’s induction sessions you will have been given a ‘Welcome to Nursery Pack’, if you haven’t received this pack please come and see me (Miss Gregg). This welcome pack contains many different resources and activities that supports the learning that takes place in nursery, including numbers and counting, phonics, mark making and writing, singing etc.


Throughout the year you and your child will be given different activity packs that will support your child’s learning at different stages. These activity packs will contain phonic or math’s activities as well as topic based and interest based activities.


During this half term your child will be given their own library book pack. Your child can change their library book here at nursery on a regular basis and we encourage children to choose their book independently. In the pack there will be large plain book where your child can draw a picture about their favourite part of the story. Please encourage your child to mark-make, draw or write something about the book and talk about what they liked or did not like about it.


For more information please see our nursery newsletters.

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