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Spring 1 - Ancient Greece

Our topic question this half term is

'How has Ancient Greece influenced the western world today?'

We enjoyed being hooked into our learning about our new topic. We played ‘Guess the Country’ and used a set of geography clues to figure out which country we are learning about this half term. We then completed a geography quiz about Greece.

We enjoyed acting out several Greek myths. We can't wait to write our own myths!

We loved getting messy and recreating the digestive system as part of our science unit this half term!

Year 3 and 4 really enjoyed their Greek myth 'shared writing' session. Take a look at some of their brilliant pieces of writing!

Spring 2 


We have had a very busy start to spring 2! We have learnt about ancient Greek democracy and the ancient Olympics!

Take a look at some pictures from our dodgeball competition!

We enjoyed learning about Greek Gods and Goddesses and creating fact files about our favourite ones!

Take a look at our work!