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Year 2 - working from home

Easter Activities

Hello year 2. It is almost Easter and even though you can't get out, we want you to have some fun during the holidays.

Here are a few activities to do with your family.

  • Make an Easter card - find out what sort of pictures might go on the front of your card. What are the traditional symbols of Easter?
  • Hard boil an egg and turn it into a character. Use paint, felt tip pens or any art materials that you have at home. Let your imagination run wild!        
  • Make chocolate Easter nests as a delicious treat. Follow this easy recipe - remember you need a grown-up to help you.

Have fun and enjoy the holidays. Happy Easter smiley

Use this to structure your child's day.

Home Learning Challenge

Dear Children


We would like you to choose a topic that is of real interest to you.  It might be a place you enjoy going to e.g. London, or a place you have learnt about, e.g. Australia. It could be a sport, a type of animal, a particular book or a person you admire e.g. ‘my Nana’, ‘The Queen’  etc… Absolutely any topic you wish. It is your topic.  Choose something you can do internet research on and use books you have at home.


Then we would like you to produce a project about that topic which covers lots of different areas of our curriculum. Think about science, geography, history, art, English and maths.


Start by thinking about what you know about your topic and make a mind map of all the knowledge you already have.


Next have a go at these challenges:

  1. Can you find out about a famous person in history, or now, who is linked to your topic? (History)
  2. Can you find out about a famous event linked to your topic? (History)
  3. Can you draw a map to show how your topic is linked to different countries or places? (Geography)
  4. Can you create a picture about your topic? (Art)
  5. Can you make a model using junk linked to your topic? (Technology)
  6. Can you make a fact sheet about your topic? (English)
  7. Can you write a story which is inspired by your topic? (English)
  8. Can you use all of your work to prepare a talk about your topic and could you make a Powerpoint?


To do all of these you will have to read about your topic on the internet and in books, and make notes.


You can present your ideas however you want! Be creative, make it look attractive and show pride in your work!


We will make a display of the projects back at school and share them with everyone else.


When you have finished please repeat your mind map of knowledge and show yourself how much you have learned.


Good Luck

Enjoy yourself