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Year 5


Mr Wylie and Mrs Marshall would like to welcome you to Year 5.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Wood and Mrs Fowkes.


In Year 5, we will be learning some very exciting topics!


  • Autumn Term 1 - Identify and Diversity - Judaism/Holocaust
  • Autumn Term 2 - Peace and Conflict - WW2


  • Spring Term 1 - Saving our Environment - Rainforests
  • Spring Term 2 - Social Justice - Early Islamic Civilisation


  • Summer Term 1 - Our Heritage - Victorians 
  • Summer Term 2 - Our World and Beyond - Space 



Summer Term 2


This term, children have been out in the sunshine and enjoyed a fantastic Year 5 Sports Day. We are so proud of all the children who took part and congratulate them for all of their efforts. The results are as follows:


1st: Chatsworth - 575 points

2nd: Kedleston - 550 points

3rd: Haddon - 525 points

4th: Hardwick - 500 points

The children have enjoyed an explosive start to our Space topic!


We have had lots of fun designing, creating and launching our own rockets. We have also had a visit from a mobile planetarium and investigated how craters are formed. During our first week, we have also discovered interesting facts about the Sun, Earth and Moon and used our outdoor area to explore how far apart things are in the Solar System.

This term, as part of our Space topic, children have been learning all about the first moon landing. Children across the year group scripted and performed a news broadcast showing off just what they had learned.

Spring Term 1


Lockdown has not prevented the children from learning during this term. We have been learning a lot about Rainforests both in school and at home - we have discovered some of the vast amount of species that live in the rainforest and also spent time creating our very own rainforest models in Art and DT.

Rainforest Tour

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We have also been learning about rainforest climates and presented our own weather forecast. 

Summer's weather

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Bobby's weather report.MOV

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Autumn Term 2


We have had a very busy term and learned lots!


WW2 Radio Broadcasts


During this term, we have continued to learn more about World War 2 as part of our Peace and Conflict theme. As part of this, we discovered how the public were informed about war breaking out and wrote our own radio broadcasts that were shared in class.

Chatsworth House


This term, we were very lucky to visit Chatsworth House. Children spent the day exploring the gardens and learning about some of the sculptures that the Duke has collected. We were also lucky enough to catch a brief glimpse of the Duke and Duchess as they drove through the gardens.

Drumming Workshop


This term, we were very lucky to take part in a drumming workshop.

WW2 Fact Hunt


We used our outdoor learning environment to discover more facts about World War 2 by undertaking a question hunt. We were given the answers and had to match them up to the correct questions.

Remembrance Day


We are proud to say that Year 5 have recognised the importance of Remembrance Day by designing their own unique poppy t-shirts. Their interest was raised when finding out about WW2 and the plight of the soldiers during that conflict. From this, we began our own ‘Poppy Project.’ The pupils experimented with drawing, painting and then digitally modifying their poppy designs to be printed onto t-shirts. This gave the children an opportunity to develop their own creativity through showing respect and becoming more involved in Remembrance Day. Then on November 11th, we wore our poppy prints with pride!

Autumn Term 1


This term, in our Science lessons, we have been learning all about how light travels. We have explored different light sources and investigated how light reflects off different surfaces, allowing us to see.


We applied this knowledge and made periscopes which were used by the soldiers in the trenches during World War 2. 

We have also been very busy in our maths lessons and used our addition skills and knowledge to plan a holiday for our teachers.


We calculated the total cost using both formal and mental methods of mathematics.

Please take a look at our work from last year which shows all the exciting things going on in our classrooms.

Spring term 2 - Vikings 


We will be charging into battle with the Vikings learning about where they came from and why they invaded Britain. Exploring Viking life, beliefs and ways of living are some of the areas we will cover.



Spring Term 1 - Space


Our topic for the Spring Term is Space. Children in Year 5 will have the opportunity to explore theories about the Big Bang, to learn about our Solar System and discover more about the Earth, Sun and Moon.


We recently enjoyed our WOW Day. The children learned about craters and made and launched rockets. We also had a visit from a mobile planetarium, which was a fantastic opportunity for children to explore more about the stars we see in the night sky.

Harvest Breakfast


It was lovely to celebrate with our Year 5 children, as they organised their Harvest Breakfast for parents, relatives and friends. Well done Year 5!

Autumn Term - The Victorians


We have introduced the children to our Victorian topic and began with some tasting of gruel. Most children didn't like this but some thought it was delicious!


Our trip this term was to Southwell Workhouse. Children got dressed up in traditional Victorian clothes and toured the Workhouse. They even got to take part in a Victorian school lesson. Thankfully they were all well behaved and didn't receive any Victorian punishments.