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Spring 1- Anglo Saxons

Our Topic this half term is 'How did life change under the influence of the Anglo-Saxons?'

To get hooked into our new topic, We predicted what happened after the Romans left Britain. We then ordered a timeline to show the period in British history after the Romans left from AD 410 until AD 1066. We discovered that after the Romans left Britain, the Anglo-Saxons came to Britain and settled here. We also discovered that the Vikings came to Britain after the Anglo-Saxons and eventually settled here too!

After learning that the Anglo-Saxons settled in Britain after the Romans left, we carried on getting hooked into our learning! As our theme this half term is ‘social justice’, we explored how Anglo-Saxons had different diets depending on how rich or poor they were. We enjoyed learning about the different foods they ate and contrasted this to what we already knew about what the Romans ate. We then created food posters to show what we had learnt!

We also made some ‘royal’ and ‘peasant’ bread which we thoroughly enjoyed doing!

Anglo-Saxon Life


In our topic lessons, we have been looking at different aspects of Anglo-Saxon life and how this links to our topic question. We have learnt all about, law and order, paganism and Gods, Christianity and village life. We were shocked to find that children didn't go to school! 

Our Anglo-Saxon Settlements

To finish off our learning for this half-term, we enjoyed learning all about Anglo-Saxon settlements. After we had learnt about them, we got to work creating our own using all the new knowledge we had gained. We were so proud of our final result!