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Outdoor Learning

Children taking part in outdoor learning for Empty Classroom Campaign on 17th June 2016.


Year 3 children had a great time. They took part in many activities using stop watches to record time in seconds and minutes. After this they compared their times and calculated the difference between events.

3E practised their multiplication and division facts outdoors. They ran around on the playground and  organised themselves into equal groups when the whistle blew. We had lots of fun in our maths lesson!

Year 1 have been following the seasonal changes of our apple tree in Hannah’s garden. We went again today to look at it now it is summer. We made observational drawings and compared it to how it looked in spring.

Other children in Year 1 were using a combination of materials and shapes to make a royal moustache for the Royal Family. We discussed colours and shapes and experimented drawing the shapes first before we made them.