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Our Geography Intent:

At Howitt, our geography curriculum is much more than simple map work and remembering the locations of various countries, continents and oceans. It is our intent that our children experience a geography curriculum which enables them to not only function, but to thrive in an ever changing, multi-culturally diverse, interconnected global community. Through the teaching and studying of geography, we teach our children the skills and tools they need to prepare them for life in 21st century Britain.  


Through the teaching of geography, we enable our children to appreciate the human and physical aspects of both their local communities and the wider world around them.  Within our curriculum, we also underpin our teaching with environmental concerns and impacts so our children are prepared to thrive and succeed in an ever-changing global climate.   


Enquiry is an integral part of geography learning and is at the heart of our geography curriculum.  Right from the start in our Early Years, we encourage children to ask crucial questions, to ask what and where, to ask why and how, to help them understand their immediate environment. As children progress through our school, they become independent geographers who enquire and perform fieldwork linking to crucial global climate and environmental issues and make important connections to their own locality.  


Through our geography curriculum, we teach and expect our children to take responsibility for the environment and the wider world in which they live.  We see geography as a powerful and enabling subject which teaches our children to enquire, explore and explain. Thinking geographically therefore offers a uniquely powerful way of seeing the world.