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Covid catch up premium

Catch Up Funding, Expenditure and Support.

Catch up funding: £80 per child: £26,960 over the year 2020-21


  • Employment of a teacher one day each week.

Teaching small groups and tutoring in the nursery for those children who have  not attended the nursery and will start school in September 2021. This is a concentration on phonics and early reading. Also to address the communication and language skills where there is a gap.

Tutoring in year 2 on phonics and reading. The children who are being tutored are the children who have the greatest gap due to the lack of learning during the school closure.

The tutoring will be reviewed and it is planned to tutor groups in Reception, Year 3 and Year 4.


  • An extra TLA support is used in Reception to support with accelerated learning.


  • Switch on reading programme will support the catch up of phonics, reading into writing for identified children in year 1.


  • Employment of a Key stage teacher one day each week to teach small groups in upper key stage 2 to address gaps in learning in reading and maths due to the school closure.


  • Preschool and after school tutor groups to address gaps – memory and retention are a concern for upper key stages - these are being addressed. 


  • To buy resources for additional support outside of the lessons.


Additional Support

  • Nurture, positive support and Safe Speak counselling is available for identified children.
  • The Family Liaison worker is working with families.
  • Extra booster lessons for maths outside of the lessons to address the gaps.
  • Interventions for identified children who are reaching their potential and have gaps in learning due to school closure.


The impact of the support will be reviewed through stringent monitoring of books, attainment and progress. We have used a baseline assessments as a starting point and will review the learning and gaps to be addressed in December, March and June as well as assessments for learning strategies that are used daily in classrooms.