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2019 - 2020

Monday 11th November 



We were so proud of all the children in Year 4 as they delivered an assembly on the theme of Remembrance to the whole school. Every child had a speaking role. They talked about why we have a national day of remembrance each year and explained why the poppy is an important symbol. All children had written poems on the theme of remembrance in their English lessons and some children read theirs out to the school. 



Friday 15th November



We took part in the Into Film Film Festival by taking a trip to the Showcase Cinema in Derby to see the film 'Abominable'. The children's behaviour was excellent and they really enjoyed the film. The teachers were very pleased to hear whispers from some children as they recognised names such as Everest and Himalayas from the work we had done as part of our Indian Adventure topic! On the way home, they were also amazed to see how high the River Derwent had risen in Derby after the recent flooding. It was a memorable visit!

Thursday 21st November



Mrs Rhodes invited her daughter Sophie, who is a GP associate, to come and talk to the children about working in the NHS. Sophie arrived with her friend Hannah and the children had a lovely afternoon finding out about their jobs in a medical centre. There was a lot of excitement as Hannah and Sophie allowed them to try out some of the equipment they used! I think we have some budding doctors in Year 4! Thank you very much to Sophie and Hannah. 

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Friday 22nd November



Thank you so much for all of the chocolate you donated for the PTA Tombola. The children could hardly carry the bag down to the office as it was so heavy! It will help to raise a lot of money for school. Why not come and have a go on the tombola at the Heanor Xmas Lights switch-on on Monday 2nd December? You might be lucky! 



Thursday 5th December 2019



To end our Indian Adventure topic, Year 4 held an Indian Market in our classrooms. Throughout the term they were busy making quality products to sell. They made a variety of items including spiral snakes, bouncy monkeys, jewellery made from wooden beads, clay diva lamps, bookmarks with rangoli patterns, sparkly notebooks and many more!

The staff  were very impressed with the children when the first customers arrived from Key Stage 2. They were fantastic stall holders, encouraging browsing customers to buy and handling money confidently. We were proud of them! 

Altogether, the children made a profit of £170 which they will put towards paying for our Ancient Greek Day in January. Well done Year 4 - great job! 


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Thursday 19th December 2019



After a very busy term, Year 4 let their hair down at the Christmas party! They had fun playing Flap the Fish, Pin the Nose on Rudolph and making a living snowman. There was also a disco where they could have a boogie with friends. Just as the children were enjoying a snack, Santa arrived and gave everyone a present. We're pleased to say that we saw some lovely manners as the children accepted their gifts. What a lovely way to end the term!


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Thursday 31st January 2020



Alexis, a Hoplite soldier, came to Howitt  for our Greek Day. He told us all about  Alexander the Great and the Greek Empire and talked about his armour and weapons. Then we had to put our reading skills to good use doing a quiz to find out more about different aspects of life in Ancient Greece. We had fun learning how to play a Greek game and had to work in teams to solve a puzzle.  In the afternoon, we watched a play telling the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. Charlie, Adrian, Archie and Bella acted the parts of  King Minos, the Minotaur, Theseus and Ariadne and did a great job.  It was hilarious! We ended the day by playing a dodgeball type game where we had to knock down the walls of ancient Athens. We were very competitive! 

For our homework project, we had made costumes and shields to wear on the day. The teachers would like to say a very big thank you to parents and carers for all of their help. The children really did look splendid. And a very big Thank You to Portals of the Past for sending Alexis to us! 


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Friday 14th February 2020



Today Year 4 were presented with a big problem!  The Athenian commander Agathon had been found dead shortly after his victory in the Hoplite race at the Olympics. But who had carried out the dastardly deed?

Was it Valeri, his jealous wife, or Zarek, a Corinthian nobleman whose son had been killed in battle? Or could it have been Tyrol, Zarek's slave, who was seen near the crime scene with a huge bag of money? Or maybe it was Baltar, a Spartan warrior who was Agathon's biggest rival in the Hoplite Race? Perhaps it was Dualla, the quick tempered woman who had already killed someone over a game of Knucklebones? Year 4 set out to find out. 

The children watched video interviews with the suspects and read letters, diaries and a newspaper article to gather evidence. Then they had to use their reasoning, inference and deduction skills to work out whodunnit. There were a lot of lively and heated debates as the children explained and defended their theories to each other. And there were gasps of amazement when the criminal was revealed! What a great way to end the half term!


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Friday 28th February 2020 


Fun at our Forest School!

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Thursday 5th March



We really enjoyed coming to school dressed as our story book characters today! It was lovely to share our favourite books with our friends. In the morning, we watched a brilliant production of Charles Dickens' story Oliver. We had done a lot of work about the characters in our English lessons so we were amazed to see them brought to life by the talented actors. In the afternoon, we made our own book covers for the story which included a blurb on the back to encourage other people to read this great classic story. 


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