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Week 5:

This week we will be learning about our country's capital city: London! We will also be finding out about a very important person who lives there: Queen Elizabeth II!



London is our capital city. It is very busy and exciting place to live or visit. There are famous landmarks, famous people and lots of interesting places to visit. London also has the famous Underground! These are lots of trains which travel quickly underground.  Maybe you have been lucky enough to visit London before?

Can you build some paper models of some famous London Landmarks?
Can you find out some interesting facts about London and write them in the mini London fact book below?

The Queen:

Queen Elizabeth II lives in Buckingham Palace, a very famous London Landmark. 

The Queen is a very significant person in our country. She is the head of The Royal Family.  We would like you to find out all about her and why she is so important.

You can find out more about The Royal Family here: