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Humanities is an area of the curriculum that includes learning in History and Geography.


At Howitt Primary, we plan cross-curricular topics to enthuse and engage our children and enable them to develop key skills in these subjects. Our Topics range from: Our World, Let’s Go Wild, The Stone Age, The Rainforest, Indian Adventure, The Great British Outdoors and World War ll. Through our topics, we develop many skills, gain lots of knowledge and learn about our world.



In Geography, the children build and develop a variety of skills and knowledge by studying the local area, places in the UK and countries around the world. Our learning enables children to develop knowledge and understanding of places around the world whilst also developing a variety of geographical skills including: map and compass skills, fieldwork skills and enquiry skills. Children also develop lots of transferable skills that include observing, measuring and recording. Geography also provides opportunities for children to develop their vocabulary. Geographical knowledge and skills are developed right from the EYFS when children begin to make sense of and explore the world around them and develop all the way up to Year 6 (and beyond!). For example, in Year 1, children map out the school grounds; Year 2 pupils investigate human and physical features found on Scottish islands as they read the Katie Morag stories; and Year 6 pupils locate countries around the world using compass points and grid references.





In History, pupils' historical knowledge and skills are developed by studying notable people and events in different time periods. Children begin to develop history knowledge and skills right from the EYFS where the children explore their own family history.  In Year 1, children learn about Queen Elizabeth II. In Year 2, children find out about the famous explorer Captain Cook and research how transport has changed over time. In Year 4, pupils learn about Ancient Greece and consider how democracy in ancient Athens enables us to have a voice as British citizens today. In Year 5, children visit Southwell Workhouse to find out about living conditions and social injustice in Victorian times. Through the study of different notable people and different historical events both within living memory and beyond, children develop a greater understanding of the world that we live in today, and develop an understanding of how the world has changed over time. Our history learning offers opportunities for children to develop chronology skills and develop an understanding of the concept of time. Our History learning also encourages our children to ask lots of questions about our world and the past, whilst equipping them with the skills needed to seek the answers to their questions.



History and Geography lessons also provide great opportunities for children to apply important reading skills - such as using inference or making a prediction -  and inspires some super writing, too!


Lots of our History and Geography learning is also reflected in our Art work too. For example, in Year 3 after learning about and locating Stonehenge - a Stone Age monument in the UK - the children then go on to create a fantastic silhouette of the monument!



Humanities in the National Curriculum


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