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Whilst you are working at home continue to read your reading book daily, we will check your reading records when you return and are excited to see if anyone can read the target on their monkey reading charts.


If you would like to find some other books to read follow the link below.

If you look on your reading book you will see a colour sticker, this website will provide other free books you can read on that level. 


This site also has reading and phonic activities for you to try.

The link below is to the game Obb and Bob. This helps the children to practise the sounds they have learnt. Try playing phase 2 to begin with and then phase 3 if you are feeling confident! smiley


In your pack you will have found a sheet containing a list of the year 1 common words. These are the word that you need to try and read and write by the end of the year. Try choosing 2-3 words a day to learn. Remember to read them, cover them up, write them and then check!


Over the last few weeks we have also been working hard on our handwriting and making sure that we are starting and finishing our letters in the correct place on the line.

In your pack there is sheet with each letter correctly formed on it to show you. There is also a sheet of paper for you to practise your letters on.


Also in English we have been learning about the story the Smartest Giant in Town. Click on the link below to listen to the story again.

Then try to write a few sentences about what happens in the story. Remember to use a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence and a full stop at the end. Use clear finger spaces between words too like we have talked about in class.