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Our History Intent


At Howitt Primary Community School, we provide an engaging, relevant and challenging history curriculum which aims to inspire and motivate. Our curriculum is carefully designed to increase and develop historical skills, knowledge, concepts and attitudes by studying notable people, events, communities and time periods. Our curriculum intends to develop critical thinkers who work collaboratively and independently in the 21st century.


History has always been held in high esteem at our school, with the school’s own rich history being a defining and distinguishing feature. Our history curriculum is personalised and enables our pupils at Howitt Primary to develop an in-depth understanding of the rich history of their own locality; drawing from and making connections to the immediate and wider, local area.


Our curriculum ensures that pupils develop a secure chronological understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Learning begins in the EYFS where the children learn about the past and present, enabling children to develop the appropriate procedural knowledge to allow them to access the national curriculum. Our history learning enables children to make appropriate and relevant connections across and through time, through exploring concepts that help them to understand historical attitudes and values and develop empathy for those of different cultures and time periods. Ultimately, we intend that our pupils develop a sense of identity and belonging through the study of history.


Our children know more, understand more and remember more.