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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Sport Premium Funding

At Howitt we believe that it is important for every child to be involved in fun, physical activities. We believe that our PE lessons will equip children with the fundamental movement skills, creating building blocks to prepare them for sports specific activities. The benefits to children are that they will grow into healthy, well-rounded happy people. The qualities that sports bring to a young person are leadership skills, ability to work as a team and sportsmanship. PE is taught in both competitive and non-competitive settings and is combined with clear teaching in health and well-being.



Year 2 children enjoying boxercise with the PE coach


Trim track fun!


As a school we are determined to make this happen by implementing the following objectives;


  • Opportunities through School Sport.
  • Access to a high quality and diverse P.E. curriculum.
  • Physical Activity will be done through extra-curricular sporting activities.


We recognise the importance of Physical Education, Sport and the provision of a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Our aim is to involve as many children as possible in as many quality activities as we can.


We are committed as a school to the promotion of sport for all of our children, at all levels of ability.


Howitt Primary Community School has embraced the opportunities presented by the Sports Premium money available and how we utilise that money is detailed below but more important is the philosophy behind it. The success we have already enjoyed in engaging children is down to the children taking a pride in themselves and their school. Self-belief, drive and a determination to challenge themselves, try new things and to improve, goes beyond sport to all areas of their lives.


Wanting to represent the school is a huge motivational factor for our children and we have been creative and focused in how we have supported our children in achieving this aim. Of course this aspiration has benefits in terms of tackling childhood obesity but it is the sense of purpose and desire to acquire new skills and hone existing ones which is key. Physical Health and Mental Health are of course intrinsically linked and we recognise that the quality of our provision has a significant impact on the lives of our children.


Teaching and Learning

All our PE lessons follow a yearly planner linked to after-school clubs and competitions.  Each lesson follows a do, think and feel.


Do child’s ability skilfully, tactfully and physically (these change according to the activity)


Think- child’s understanding of the broader subject for physical education eg. Nutrition, the body and effects of exercise (these remain the same throughout the year)


Feel– child’s social and emotional well-being eg. The importance of being active and how to make friends through sport and PE (these remain the same throughout the year)


Thanks to the government’s focus on increasing sports provision in schools we have again made ambitious and exciting sports timetables for this year.


Schools are allocated Sport Premium funding from the DfE (£19,240 plus £9,020 carried over from the last academic year). This has been budgeted to provide the following: 


Howitt Primary Community School allocate a budget of £9500 to Amber Valley School Sport Partnership (AVSSP) for the comprehensive AVSSP coaching and Extended Services Package, this comprises of a high quality Sports Teacher for one and a half days per week for the full academic year. The school also allocates £1000 towards affiliation to the school sports partnership which gains entry to all competitions, Bikeability and other opportunities which can be found at The school also allocates £1800 to Mrs Wood for her role within Physical Education at Howitt Primary. Mrs Wood’s duties are as follows, arranging after school clubs, leading breakfast club and lunch time club activities and carrying out secretarial work.


  • This delegation of funds to schools has given Howitt Primary Community School the opportunity to implement high quality sport and PE education in the school setting.
  • The quality of our PE provision in our school has continued to improve year on year this is monitored and evidenced through rigorous quality assurance. But also by the increase in pupil engagement and the school’s engagement with competitions which have resulted in very successful outcomes.
  • The school has two PE Curriculum Leads (Mr Wylie and Miss Beard) and one sports coordinator (Mrs Wood). Our Sports’ Teacher from AVSSP is Mr Otton who is a qualified PE Specialist.
  • All coaching and PE lessons are in line with national and Ofsted standards.
  • Mr Otton works alongside teaching and support staff modelling good practice.
  • CPD is undertaken and offered.
  • The school has a process of electing Young Sports Leaders within school promoting engagement, responsibility and lifelong learning.
  • As part of our package AVSSP also provides:
  • Yearly planning that follows 6 different schemes of activities that demonstrate progression from KS1 through to the end of KS2
  • After School Clubs
  • Satellite Clubs
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Competitions