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Week 7

End of year celebrations! 

Well this would have been our final week in school and we would have been spending the time sharing our memories of the year together.

As we all can't be together just now take the time this week to reflect on the year and share memories with someone at home instead.


Task 1

Think back to everything we have done this year and create a mind map, you can add drawings to your work alongside your writing.


Task 2

Using the mind map from the previous session choose your favourite memory and write a recount about it, maybe it was the trip to the Snowman or the Pantomime, maybe it was our Yogabugs sessions or maybe it was an interesting or exciting topic we have covered.


Task 3

As we have not been able to have a transition day write a letter to your new teacher, tell them all about yourselves, what you like doing, what your good at and what you would like help with this year.  Also tell them who your friends are!

You can save these letters to bring with you on your first day back in September or maybe you could post them into school- the address is on the website!


Task 4

Over the Summer maybe you could keep a scrap book/journal of all the things you have done, we would love to see these when you come back in September.