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Week 5

Katie in London


This week our English will link to the topic work we are completing on the capital city of England- London.

First listen carefully to the story on the link below.


Once you have listened to the story complete the tasks below. Try to use lined paper and set out your work neatly using the pre-cursive letter formation we had been learning in school.


Task 1

Draw and label the main characters in the story. Remember to use a capital letter for people's names.


Task 2

Think back to the whole story- draw and label all the places that Katie and her brother visited. Have you visited any of those places? If not where would you like to go and why?


Task 3

Listen to the story again and look carefully at the lion. Listen to how he is described by the author. Draw the lion carefully and write down a list of words to describe him. 


Task 4

Using a piece of plain paper fold it to create 9 boxes. Then thinking back to the story- listening to it again if you need to- create a storyboard drawing a picture to show the 9 main events in the story. Once completed colour this in carefully, then retell the story to a grown up trying to use some of the language from the story.


Task 5

Finally look back at your storyboard and use this to rewrite the story of Katie in London. Try to use lots of describing words, adjectives, and remember to use clear finger spaces when setting out your work.

Also think back to the SPAG work we have completed over the last few weeks and try to include capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks in your writing.