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Why is History Important?

Why is History so important?


We all live our lives in the present and from a young age we look forward to and plan for the future.  However, when do we really stop and think about questions such as: Where do we come from? Who are we? Why do events and places change?  To know where we are going and how our everyday lives are changing, you have to understand where we have come from and what has happened before.  In a world that is ever changing and rapidly moving forwards, now more then ever, the teaching of history is an essential part of not only the curriculum, but of our whole learning experience.


At Howitt, the teaching of history is an integral part of our curriculum.  Our history topics are carefully planned to not only spark and foster a curiosity about the past, but to make appropriate and relevant connections to our children’s lives today to prepare them for and thrive in life in 21st century Britain.