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Autumn 1

World War 2

For our topic this half term we will be learning about World War 2. We will learn about the events leading up to the war and what life was like for Jewish people living in Germany. We will find out about the Treaty of Versailles after WWI, and how Germany was forced to admit fully responsibly- receiving many punishments. Following on from this, we will looked at the rise of Hitler and his brutal treatment towards Jewish people including some facts about the Holocaust.


We are also lucky enough to be going on a trip travelling back in time to 1939-1945. During our WWII trip, we will be able to look at an original Anderson shelter, hear air raid sirens, talk about life on the home front, find out about the life of a soldier and visit a German trench. We can't wait for this experience! 



Here is some of our topic work linked to WWII: