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Artistic Experiences

International Dot Day - 15th September


Inspired by Peter H Reynolds thought-provoking book, our children joined thousands of others up and down the country by celebrating Dot Day with our very own artistic projects. 



Year 5

Chinese Paper Cutting 

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we explored some 'double happiness' traditional Chinese paper cuttings for decorating. 

Past Artistic Experiences


Art Day

10 children were selected from KS2 to take part in the Embark Federation Art Day at Smalley Richardson Endowed Primary School. Children took part in two workshops focusing on portraits and illustrations.

The portrait workshop was led by artist Sophie Edwards and the illustrations workshop was led by illustrator Lucy Truman.


Wow Day

All children in school took part in large sculpting activities with Steve Porter.

Art Week

All children across school celebrated different art and artists in our art week. Children were given the opportunity to research and learn about an artist and their style of art and then recreate it in their own way.

Artists celebrated were:

Nursery – Jackson Pollock

Reception – George Seurat

Year 1 – Andy Warhol

Year 2 – Carl Warner

Year 3 – Guiseppe Arcimboldo

Year 4 – Wassily Kandinsky

Year 5 – Keith Haring

Year 6 – David Hockney