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Peace and Conflict

During this half term we have started our new topic on peace and conflict.


We are learning about Remembrance day, how we remember and why it is important. We are also discussing why the poppy is a symbol of remembrance and who we are remembering.


Task 1

Find out some information about Remembrance day and a well known local soldier called William Gregg.


Task 2

Have a go at designing your own medal for the brave men and women who fought in the war, remember to think about the colours you might use and the images you might include.


Task 3

Using junk or craft materials from around the house design and make your own poppy for Remembrance day.

Welcome to our world


This is our topic for this half term. We have been learning about identity and diversity and celebrating our similarities and differences.

We have drawn pictures of ourselves and each other in art using a range of different materials and have looked at portraits by famous artsits.


We have also begun to look at the world around us and different countries and places around the world.


Task 1

Draw a picture of yourself and your family and label each person.


Task 2

Draw and label a picture of 2 animals that live in a cold climate and 2 that live in a warm climate. Tell someone at home what you have learnt about the equator.