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Spring 2 - Mountains

     How extreme can a mountain get?


Which is the highest mountain in the world? Who was Edmund Hillary? Are there mountains in the UK? We can't wait to find out all this and more in our next topic - Mountains!

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How extreme can a mountain get?

We got ‘hooked’ into our topic by watching David Attenborough discuss different mountain environments, including the magnificent Mount Everest. We put our map skills to the test by using atlases to locate mountain ranges around the world. We have also learnt about different types of mountains and we have identified a mountain’s key features. We have studied specific mountains: Ben Nevis, in Scotland and Mount Everest in the Himalayas. We have made links to our global theme by considering the negative factors impacting the mountain environment and the effects of climate change. We have also designed a mountaineering gadget in design technology lessons – perfect for future expeditions!