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2 Year Olds

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Welcome to our Rhyme room page

Welcome to our 2 year old provision at Howitt Primary Community School. In the Rhyme room, we believe in giving all the children the best possible start to their school life. Essentially, this is done by providing a safe, happy and friendly environment for the children.


We know that children learn most effectively through play. Our dedicated staff create an environment in which purposeful play can take place.  Our role is to observe, interact, enable and extend the children’s play in order that they gradually come to understand the world around them. Our curriculum is broken down into termly topics focusing on the children and their interests and seasonal changes around them.


We currently have spaces available for 2 year olds in our morning sessions and afternoon sessions. 

Mornings - 8.45 - 11.45

Afternoons - 12.15 - 3.15


Flexible paid and funded sessions available.


To check if you are eligible for free 15 hours and apply visit   




If you wish to book a visit or require any more information please phone Ellinor Edgeley Early Years Co-ordinator or Debbie Walker on 01773 713217

Year Overview

Each half term the children will learn and play through different topic themes and through their own interests. 

There will also be the over arching theme of seasonal changes as we go through the year and the children will become more familiar about the outdoors and the world around them. 


Autumn 1 - This half term our topic is 'Marvelous Me'. This topic will focus on getting the children settled into the nursery setting and we will be learning all about the children; what they look like, things they like and don't like, who is in their family?... 

World Book Day - March 2021

This year for World Book Day the Rhyme Room children took part in our ‘Bedtime Stories’ day. The children were invited to wear their pyjamas and nightgowns. Throughout the day the adults in the Rhyme Room shared stories and asked the children to choose their favourite stories to read. Our bedtime story session was to promote the enjoyment of reading with a family member, listening and joining in with familiar stories.

Rhyme Room Activities