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Autumn 1 and 2 - Ancient Civilizations

Our question this half term is:


What can we learn from the earliest civilizations?


This term, we will be learning about ancient civilizations from around the world. We are focusing on the Ancient Sumer, Indus Valley and Shang Dynasty civilizations.

To get hooked into our learning, the children explored different clues to figure out our learning for this term!

The children enjoyed celebrating 'International Dot Day' on the 15th September. Take a look at what they got up to!

The children enjoyed finding out about Ancient Sumer inventions and improving their independent research skills

Click here to see some of our science learning about switches!

Year 3 and 4 enjoyed creating webpages about the Indus Valley!

Year 3 and 4 enjoyed our drumming experience!

Autumn 2

We started off Autumn 2 with our new book about the Shang Dynasty. Our book is called 'An Adventure In The Ancient Shang Dynasty.' We enjoyed reading our story and acting it out. Click below to see our acting!

We have enjoyed learning about rivers and how they were really important to the success of ancient civilizations. We also learnt about the different uses of rivers today. Take a look at some of our work below! 

After being inspired by the story 'Weslandia', we created our own civilizations! 

Year 3 and 4 really enjoyed their tough rower experience! 

End of Topic Outcome


To finish the topic, the children read a book called ‘Weslandia’ and were inspired to create their own civilization, just like the main character in the book. The children worked in teams, using their art and DT skills to design and make their civilizations and used their writing skills to produce some amazing setting descriptions to describe their civilization in detail. Finally, the children used Stop Motion Animation software to bring their civilizations to life! Click here to see the final products.