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Science is a core subject within the National curriculum and is an area that covers both scientific knowledge and skills, click here to see the in depth programmes of study for each year group.


At Howitt we teach science as an integral part of our broad and balanced curriculum right from nursery to year 6. We believe this ensures that children see a purpose to their lessons and can transfer their knowledge and skills across all lessons and into everyday life situations.

During lessons children are encouraged to take a practical and enquiry based approach to learning to enable them to develop an understanding of scientific concepts and skills. They are encouraged to use logical thinking to formulate their own questions and evaluate problems, then develop these ideas into testable experiments to challenge their thoughts and gain an in-depth understanding of key concepts.


You can view our policy and the things we cover in the science curriculum, below.

At Howitt we also understand the importance of first hand experiences and use WOW days to hook the children into their learning and ensure they have a thirst for knowledge. See some of the exciting things the children across the school have experienced so far.

Science photographs

Year 5 - As part of their wow day, they launched rockets, made craters and measured them and had a visit from the mobile planetarium!

Year 2 had the 'Animal Magic Parties' workshop in for their WOW day. They got to see and handle animals from each of the animal groups and talked about their basic needs and natural habitats.

In year 1 the children have been learning all about themselves! They had lots of fun labelling different parts of their body and used their senses to experiment with different foods!