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Summer 1 and 2- Stone Age to Iron Age

Our Topic this term is 'What was prehistoric Britain like?'


Prehistoric Britain Hook 

To get hooked into our learning, an area of our classroom was transformed into something from prehistoric Britain. We had to guess what it was and what time period it was from. We really enjoyed looking at the cave paintings and finding out more about prehistoric Britain.

The Three Stone Age Periods

We enjoyed finding out lots of facts about the three Stone Age periods: Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.

Where and what evidence is there left of the Stone Age in Britain?

As part of our independent research this half term, we have been exploring evidence from the Stone Age. We found out that there are lots of monuments in Britain that were built in the Stone Age and are still there today. They tell us a lot about how people used to live and the worksmanship of this time period. 

Why and how was Stonehenge built?

After exploring different monuments, we focussed in on Stonehenge. We were so interested to find out all about how it was built and couldn't believe that it took over 30 million hours of labour to construct. We also found out that it was originally built as a burial site and the people believed that the blue stones were famous for their healing powers.