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Lego Therapy

Lego Therapy

Lego therapy is a social communication programme that can be used with autistic children and/or children with social communication difficulties.  It is used to develop communication and social skills, through sharing, turn taking and following rules and it also helps improve problem-solving skills.

Lego therapy sessions take place once a week for 1 hour.



The sessions usually involve 4 children, with each child taking on a specific role to work together to make a model:

  • The Engineer is responsible for reading the instructions and telling the Supplier what pieces and how many are needed.  They are also responsible for telling the Builder how to make the model.
  • The Supplier has to listen to the Engineer and find the correct pieces to give to the Builder.
  • The Builder has to make the model, using pieces supplied by the Supplier and following instructions from the Engineer.
  • The Foreman is responsible for making sure everybody is doing what they should be doing and looking out for any problems that may arise.



During the sessions children will take on the different roles.