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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


In 2C, the Speedy Cheetahs, there is Mrs Credland and Mrs Peacey. In 2D there is Miss Beard, Mrs Wright and Mrs Ensor.




We have a fun-filled and exciting year ahead with lots of interesting topics to study and places to visit! Our topics include: Let’s Go Wild, the Great Fire of London, Down Under and The Great Outdoors. We are also planning visits to the pantomime and Lea Green, so the children have lots to look forward to.

In Year 2, we work hard to become independent learners who enjoy learning. We also develop problem solving skills and try our best in everything we do!

See our termly newsletter for further information. If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to come in and see us! 

Let's Go Wild In Year 2: Autumn 2019

Our first topic of the year is all about animals - pets, animals in the local environment and wild African animals. The children will learn about their basic needs, offspring and habitats, thinking about how they are suited to the environment in which they live. On 19th September 'Animal Magic Parties' are bringing a range of exotic animals in to school for our WOW day, so the children will be able to handle and learn more about animals from each of the different animal groups.

The children will be researching Africa's big 5 and developing their geographical knowledge by studying the habitats of these animals. They will also explore African art and artefacts.




In November, the children will be learning about Remembrance Day and why people wear poppies at this time of year.



Don't forget the holiday homework task:

  • Find out how many different animal groups there are and what they are called.
  • Draw your favourite animal and label some of its features.
  • Where does your animal live and what does it eat?

3 merit points for completed homework.

Attendance Award 2C

Class 2C have won the award for the best attendance in the infants during the Summer Term. Our reward was an afternoon of street surfing, which was brilliant fun. We had to learn to balance with a partner for support and then we were off! By the end of the afternoon we could surf all over the playground, and finished off with a "bottom race".

Lea Green July 2019

We all had a fantastic day at Lea Green. The children did a stream walk with lots of challenges where they had to crawl under logs and squeeze through tight gaps. They sat in mud baths and got thoroughly soaked! Buggy driving was also very popular, with everyone having a turn at driving single seat and double seat buggies around the race track. Then it was in to the woods for den building and toasting marshmallows. The children even learnt how fire is made by using flint and steel to strike a spark. After a delicious BBQ tea we all headed home exhausted after a fun filled day.

On 28th June Amanda from Bidfood came to talk to the children about bees. They listened very  to the presentation and asked lots of brilliant questions. She gave them a competition to design the perfect garden for a bee and chose a winner from each class. The lucky winners were Jorgie from 2D and Maisy from 2C. Well done girls! All of the children were given a certificate for their participation and a wonderful bee pencil to take home. We must say a big THANK YOU to Amanda for a super afternoon.

Learning about bees

Learning about bees 1
Learning about bees 2
Learning about bees 3
Learning about bees 4
Learning about bees 5 Maisy won the competition in class 2C.

The Great Outdoors Wow Day!


We had an action packed WOW day! We mixed lard, raisins, cheese and seeds to make a bird feeder. We also designed and created our own miniature garden with lots of interesting features. Thank you to all the parents who came in to school to discuss their child's garden. 

Animal Wow day!


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Our new topic next term will be ‘Australia’. To get started, here are a few things to be thinking about during the holidays:


  1. Name a famous Australian landmark.
  2. Draw a native Australian animal.
  3. Write 2 fascinating facts about Australia.



Have fun and we look forward to seeing what you have learnt.

Mrs Credland and Mr Vaughan

2 merit points for every child who returns their homework.