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Sports Competitions



Level 1 Competitions-competitions that take place within school.


  • 100% of our children last year took part in a level 1 competition, this year we are introducing inter house competitions


Level 2 Competition-competitions that are against other schools.


  • 27% of our children took part in a competition last academic year 2016/17 – we are looking to continue to increase this in 2017/2018
  • 8 SEND pupils took part in these competitions last year
  • 28% of our Pupil Premium pupils attended 1 of these competitions.


Competition results 2015-2016


Year GroupEventAttendancePosition
Year 5 and 6VC cup football102nd Place
Year 3 and 4World cup TAG8Festival
Year 5 and 6World cup TAG95th Place
Years 4 – 6Girls Football83rd Place
Years 4 – 6Primary Schools Football94th Place 
Year 1 and 2Sports Hall Athletics10



1st Place



Year 3 and 4Sports Hall Athletics10



5th Place



Year 5 and 6Sports Hall Athletics10



4th Place



Year 1and 2Invasion games61st Place
Year 5 and 6Dance Platform21st Place


Duet performance

Year 3 and 4Basketball51st Place
Year 5 and 6Basketball73rd Place
Year 1 and 2Dodgeball71st Place
Year 3 and 4Dodgeball73rd Place
Year 5 and 6Dodgeball72nd Place
Year 1 and 2Racket  Festival61st Place
Year 5 and 6Dance Platform3Participants
Year 5 and 5KS1 football82nd Place
KS2Go Ride Cycle Racing11st place
Year 5 and 6Football 5 a-side10Derbyshire Primary & Junior Schools  – 4th   place


Leadership and Volunteering


From 2017-2018, we began appointing a number of KS2 Sports Leaders to prepare school teams for competitions during lunchtimes, they also lead warm ups for the PE lessons and will manage and run activities with KS1 and KS2 children at lunchtimes, playing and leading games. These children record the hours spent working with others to gain a certificate from Amber Valley Sports Partnerships. We also a number of playground friends in KS1 who support other children at playtimes.


The school keeps a register highlighting those children that exceed at sport including those children who exceed in physical education lessons.