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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.


Our curriculum is broad and creative. It prepares our pupils for life in modern Britain.


In Keystage 1 we use books and resources from Collins Big Cat, Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Rockets. We also use the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics programme.


If you want to find out more about the curriculum we are following, please contact a member of staff from the relevant team, below.

The Teams Who Are Leading Each Curriculum Area for Howitt Primary Community School


Subject Teams


Governor: Carolyn Wood, Jane Bowley

Clare Rhodes, Deputy Headteacher

Hannah Snow Year 3

Janine Marshall Year 5

Helen Credland Year 2



Governor: Brian McBean Darryl Richardson,

Carolyn Wood (data)

Martyn Fearn, Deputy Headteacher

Kellie Knowles Year 4

Keely Prince Year 1



Governor: Darryl Richardson

Lisa Cawdell Year 6


Nicole Clarke Year 1

Modern Foreign Languages


Governor: Darryl Richardson

Clare Rhodes, Deputy Headteacher



Governor: Joe Harvey



Sharon Clarke TLA Year 6



Governor: Jane Bowley, Bob Harper, 

Hannah Snow

Sam Boustead Rec/Year 1





Governor: Louise Lacey, Brian McBean






Governor: Brian McBean, Louise Lacey

Clare Rhodes, Deputy Headteacher 

Clare Payler Rec.



Governor: Darryl Richardson

Martyn Fearn, Deputy Headteacher




Governor: Bob Harper, Jane Bowley,

Hannah Snow

Nicola Gregg, Nursery





Governor: Brian McBean, Darryl Richardson

Colin Wiley


Rachel Wood TLA Year 5

EYFS Leader, including provision

for 2 year olds


Governor: Donna Walters

Ellinor Edgeley



Learning Environment


Governor: Carolyn Wood

Nicola Gregg





Governor: Jane Bowley

Ellinor Edgeley



More Able/ Most Able


Governor: Jane Bowley

Jo Topham
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