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'Let's Pitch It!' Enter the competition now.


Get involved in a family competition by planning and pitching a video to present your own idea for a TV show.


The best ideas from the Embark Academy will win some fabulous prizes such as vouchers, a hamper or Christmas lunch with the Siddiqui family from Gogglebox. It entails working together on a team project with a chance for the whole family to get involved. Here is the outline of what you need to do:


  1. Decide on a team name and create your logo.
  2. Think about the genre of your show e.g. game show, documentary, reality show etc.
  3. Plan your TV show and answer the questions giving lots of detail.
  4. Pitch your ideas for the TV show in a presentation e.g. video clip, blog or create a trailer.

If you think you and your family have got what it takes, use the link below to hear Baasit Siddiqui explain the task in more detail. There is also a document to complete.



If you have any questions, feel free to email Baasit but include in the subject heading:

“Let’s Pitch It Family Embark - Howitt”

Good Luck!