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Year 1 Questions for Reading

While reading with your child, try to choose one question from each section. You could ask more than one type of question per page. This will check that your child really understands what they are reading and could lead you into further conversations about the book.


Vocabulary Questions

  • Read this sentence. What does this tell you about … ?
  • Write two words that tell you what the … feels like.
  • Can you find a word / sentence that tells / shows you that...?
  • Why do you think that the author used the word… to describe…?
  • Can you find a word in the text that means the same as…?
  • Find an adjective in the text.


Prediction Questions

  • From the cover what do you think this text is going to be about? Why?
  • Where do you think … will go next?
  • What do you think … will say / do next?
  • How do you think this book will end?
  • Who do you think has done it? What makes you think this?
  • Do you think … will happen? Why? Use evidence from the text.


Using our background knowledge

  • Can you think of another story or film, which is like this one?
  • Have you been in a similar situation to the character(s) in this story? What was your experience like?
  • Have you been to a similar setting to the one in the story? What was your experience like?


Being detectives – Inference Questions

  • What do you think… means? Why do you think that?
  • Why do you think…?
  • How do you think…?
  • When do you think…?
  • Where do you think…?
  • How has the author made us think that…?



VIP – What are the very important parts?

  • Who is / are the main character(s)?
  • When / where is the story set?
  • Which is your favourite / worst / funniest / scariest part of the story? Why?
  • What happened at the beginning of the story?
  • What is the problem in the story?
  • How is the problem solved?
  • Tell me three facts you have learnt from the text.
  • Find the part where...