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Homework tasks and projects:


At Howitt, we love our Topic homework tasks and projects!


This type of homework is set half-termly and is given to the children before they begin their new learning. Children have their Topic homework over a half term break so that they have time to complete their homework. It is usually a practical task that we encourage the children to complete alongside their families. The task could be: designing a food menu, creating an information booklet, creating a piece of artwork or making an artefact.


This type of homework seeks to equip children with some historical or geographical understanding about the new topic that they are going to explore. It is common that the children may need to use their computing skills to research online to help them to gather ideas, as well as using their English skills. Children may also use their art skills and creativity to complete their topic homework.


We love to show off our fantastic topic work in our classrooms but we also love to show it off to others. We will often have an exhibition where parents, governors or other adults are invited into school to look at the projects that have been created.


Talking homework:


This type of homework is also set half-termly. It is related to the new Topic that is going to be explored and it is given to the children before the Topic begins so they have chance to gain and gather historical or geographical knowledge about their new Topic.


The homework usually consists of 3 key questions about the new Topic that the children are going to learn about. Children are then required to find the answers to these questions. We encourage children to do this by talking to their families. The children may also wish to use the internet and make use of their computing skills to complete this homework.


We set this homework to encourage children to talk to their families about their work and discuss their learning. It also enables the children to have some prior knowledge and enthusiasm to bring to their new Topic. This style of homework also helps to enhance speaking and listening skills.