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Developing a Love of Reading


Developing a love of reading is vital. We are continuing to develop our library further so that it is well stocked with both fiction and non- fiction texts. All classes are provided with weekly time to explore the library,


At Howitt Primary Community School we strive to encourage a rounded approach to reading where phonics skills are applied to increase fluency and improve comprehension. Our reading books are levelled to match the progression in phonics order to offer children a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, to challenge them at an appropriate level and to ensure accelerated learning. 


It is our aim for every child to be reading at age related expectations by the end of the year. However, some children may need extra support with their reading in order to achieve this. 

Below are some of the reading interventions that we use: 


  • Lexia
  • Toe by Toe
  • Buddy reading 
  • Additional 1:1 or group reading with either the class teacher or a teaching and learning assistant 
  • Words First 
  • Additional phonics lessons


Reading at home

Pupils are given books to take home and read with their parents or other adults. We recommend reading with your child at least 3 times a week for approximately 10 to 15 minutes each time. We need you to help your child by listening to them reading and asking questions about what they have read. Remember, this doesn’t always have to be their school reading book, it could be a book that they own from home. It is really important that you sign the reading journal daily with comments on their reading. We would also like to know if the book is too challenging, too easy or your child is simply not enjoying the book. We appreciate your continued support in helping the children to make progress with their reading.


Reading Reward Scheme

To help promote enjoyment for reading, we have set up a reading reward scheme. Whenever a child reads to an adult, please record it in their reading record as they gain rewards for reading at home. They receive a reward after 10, 30, 60 and 100 reads at home. We wonder who will be the first child to read 100 times at home? 

Shared Reading

During our shared reading lessons, we teach our children to use their VIPERS reading strategies. These include:


V - Vocabulary and Visualise

I - Infer 

P - Predict

E - Explain

R - Retrieve

S - Sequence and Summarise


Questions to use when reading with your child at home

Please click on the links below for examples of questions you could ask your child when reading with them. While reading with your child, try to choose one questions from each section. You could ask more than one type of questions per page. This will check that your child really understands what they are reading and could lead you into further conversations about the book. 

Both teachers and teaching assistants will use similar questions when reading 1:1, in a small group or during shared reading lessons.

If you are worried about your child’s reading, please either leave a note in their reading record or ring school to arrange for your child’s teacher to ring you back.