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We are pleased to say that we have relaunched our school ECO group. The team of eager ECO warriors are represented by two children from each class. As a school we already have our Bronze award for ECO challenges and now we are working towards our Silver award. The group also led a switch off week before Christmas and are now keen to continue to monitor the swiching off of lights, computers and other electrical equipment not in use.

Year 2 children planting peas and dahlias on 31st March. Fingers crossed we’ll see some shoots appearing soon!

march 2016 041  march 2016 045  march 2016 049  march 2016 056

Year  1’s enjoyed an afternoon of planting Gladioli and Sweet Peas in Hannah’s Garden on Friday 18th March.

eco planting yr1 001  eco planting yr1 007  eco planting yr1 009  eco planting yr1 013  eco planting yr1 014

ECO Team January Newsletter

Children in school were keen to compete in recycling their Christmas cards again this year.


Once again many cards have been recycled a total of 18,000 for the school.  The winners in the Infants were 1B with a total of 1,530 cards and the winners in the Juniors were 6L with a total of 3,600 cards.

Thank you to all those that have helped to plant 18 trees!!

Eco-Team News

As a school, we are very fortunate to have such a lot of outdoor space, so our aim this year is to make our school grounds a great place to be so that we can use our grounds to support and inspire great learning. We intend to ensure that all classes begin to regularly use our grounds for their lessons across the curriculum, so let the fun begin!

We would like to say a huge ‘Thank you!’ to those who, in true Howitt style, were not a bit put off by the awful weather on Saturday 6th February. We made a really good start on Hannah’s Garden: collecting litter, weeding, re-weaving the willow dome and cutting and pruning hedges and trees, not to mention rescuing a whole host of frogs!! Can you match the before and after photos?

before garden   gardening

happy gardener   after garden

after garden 2  garden

There is still work to be done so we are grateful for any offers of help whenever you can spare the time.   One of our next tasks is to tackle the pond area so any offers of help and/or expertise will be much appreciated.


Howitt Eco-Team