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The governing board is made up of elected members of the community, these are voted in by the governing board, parent governors are nominated and votes are taken from parents.  These governors along with the Headteacher are responsible for the management of the school. In executing its responsibility the Governing Body meets regularly in order to address such issues as employment of staff, the school building, financial management, curriculum and assessment, behaviour and discipline. Each year the Governing Board contributes to the School profile which is a report on the work and development of the school.

Any enquiries for the Governing Board should be addressed to:

Mrs Carolyn Wood Co-Chair of Governors or Mrs Jane Bowley Co-Chair of Governors, Howitt Primary Community School, Holmes Street, Heanor, Derbyshire DE75 7FSThe governing body is split into 2 committees, Children and Learning (Mrs Jane Bowley chair) and Resources (Mr Bob Harper chair)

To find out who is on our governing board please click on the link below.

Our Governors 2017-2018

Annual Governance Statement for the Board of Governors of Howitt Primary Community School

Governors’ Annual Statement 2018

Minutes of the full Board of Governors and committee meetings are public documents. If you would like to see any of the minutes, please ask at the school office.

Dates of future board and committee meetings are available.

How you can contact the governing board

We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents and carers. Please contact the Co-Chairs of Governors, Mrs Jane Bowley and Mrs Carolyn Wood, via the school office.

January 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

First of all we’d like to welcome you to the Spring term 2019 as we are very much looking forward to our school’s next steps now that it is officially an academy in the newly formed Embark Trust: embarkfederation.com

Howitt Primary Community School’s conversion to academy status took place on 1st January 2019. The governing board of our school is very keen to take the opportunity to work with the governing boards from the other six schools in the Trust. We are very excited about the increased opportunities that being part of the Trust will present for our pupils, staff and governors as we plan joint activities and training events. You will of course, be kept informed about these.

As governors we support our school in a range of ways for example, by attending curriculum “wow” days, music and art workshops and pupils’ concerts and performances. Indeed, the two of us and one of our parent governors, Donna Walters, attended the final performance of the Y4/Y5 pupils led by the PopUK charity during the first week of this term. This performance was the result of a full day of musical fun linked to a focus on the emotional impact of children using social media. Parents/carers of the pupils also attended the performance and were clearly delighted to watch their children having achieved so much in such a short space of time. The enjoyment of the pupils was infectious – it felt as if we were at a pop concert! The whole event proved that we are, as our vision states, an “ACE” school and that we Achieve, Care and Enjoy.

We have also established strong links with the school’s subject leaders and senior leaders in support of the School Improvement Plan priorities. These are:

  • To continue to raise standards in writing across the school with a particular emphasis on spelling, for all pupils so that they are at least in line with national averages with a significant proportion above.
  • To ensure the phonics outcomes for all pupils in KS1 are back on track and continue to improve.
  • To increase the proportion of pupils who are working at greater depth in reading, writing and mathematics so they are more in line with national.
  • To narrow the gaps in outcomes of disadvantaged pupils.

Each governor has specific responsibilities linked to these priorities and to the curriculum and other areas such as safeguarding, attendance and the learning environment.

Last term saw the launch of our school’s Wrap Around care facility, “Evening Owls”, and we are really pleased that several of you have taken advantage of this opportunity. The pupils are well cared for and enjoy the activities that the staff plan and provide for them at the end of the school day.

Finally, we are grateful for your continued support and encouragement of your children and we look forward to seeing you at future school events.

If anyone wishes to contact us, we can be contacted via the school office.


Jane Bowley & Carolyn Wood

Co-Chairs of Governors

Letter From Parent Governors

October 2018

Dear Parents/Carers

We are delighted to be continuing as Co-Chairs of the Governor Board of Howitt Primary Community School. We both have an extensive background in education, leadership and management and have been involved with this school for a number of years in various ways.

This year we are very proud of our school and of our dedicated staff and governors who work hard to provide your children with meaningful and varied experiences to move them along their learning journey and prepare them for life in the community. We are sure that you are aware of how much the school has continued to improve under the strong leadership and high expectations of our headteacher Mrs. Lynn Pilling.

You will be aware that the school has taken steps to become part of an academy and work alongside seven other Derbyshire primary schools to establish the Embark Multi Academy Trust. This will be finalised in December 2018; we are very excited about the possibilities that this opens up for our children and the staff. There will be updates for you as the process rolls out.

This year the school has made additional improvements to the outdoor learning spaces including the addition of a trim trail and a new Key Stage Two canopy. Parents, staff and governors have given of their time to support some of the improvements to the outdoor learning environment. The indoor learning environment has continued to be a focus for further improvement and staff have been supported by the school’s learning environment lead teacher and the named governor for this area.

Governors are proud of the fact that the school continues to offer an effective and very successful provision for two-year olds linked to our excellent nursery provision. We currently support eight two-year olds and have a waiting list. Our nursery is a lively and welcoming environment that uses every opportunity to extend learning and prepare children to be “school ready”.

At the start of this academic year, governors attended an after-school meeting that established this year’s school vision in the light of previous achievements and the way forward. This meeting involved all staff, pupils, governors and members of the local community. Please feel free to pop in and look at the display created from this meeting that shows our aims for the future and our past achievements; this display is also on our website. We have also attended homework project showcase events, creative curriculum visitors (‘WOW’ days) concerts, performances and celebration assemblies.

We wish to thank you for your continued support for, and encouragement of, your children and your increasing involvement in the life of the school.

If anyone wishes to contact us, we can be contacted via the school office.


Jane Bowley & Carolyn Wood

Co-Chairs of Governors