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Year 4 begin their learning journey by finding out all about India. We will begin with a WOW Day to experience a little bit of Indian culture through food tasting and bhangra dancing. We’ll also make some ankle bells to wear when we learn some Bollywood dance routines elephantin PE . We will use our geography skills to learn about where India is located and find out what the climate is like there. We will research facts about the rivers and mountains of India. In Music, we will listen to some music played by Anoushka Shankar, a famous sitar player, and find out about other Indian instruments.

In our RE lessons, we will find out about Hinduism and hopefully visit the Hindu temple in Derby. We will also use our history skills to find out about the discovery of an ancient civilisation in the Indus Valley. We will finish our topic by using our creative skills to make Indian themed artefacts to sell at our Indian Market. It looks like we’re going to be busy!


Our learning journey continues in the Spring Term as we find out all about Ancient Greece. Our WOW Day will be delivered by Portals to the Past so we know that we’re going to have a lot of fun learning! We will look at how Greece was divided into city states and explore why the Athenians and Spartans were always falling out. We will find out why Athens became known as the birthplace of democracy and will use this to develop our greeksunderstanding of the importance of British Values.

We’ll find out what it was like to take part in the earliest Olympic Games and we’ll even try to learn the names of some of the events in Spanish! Ancient Greece was the home of many famous thinkers and great ideas so we shall use our research skills to investigate these. We’ll be reading about all sorts of Gods and Monsters in famous Greek Myths and Legends and, to help us improve our writing skills, we will be writing our own Greek Myths. We will dip into some of Aesop’s fables, too, and write our own story with a moral. To end our topic we’ll learn about Greek theatre to help us to write our own plays. If the weather is good, we might even perform them outdoors on our outdoor stage!


In the Summer Term we hope to make the most of the good weather and spend a lot of time learning outdoors. Our Science unit is Habitats so we shall be investigating animal homes in our local area and further afield. We’ll find out what creatures make their homes wildlifein our school grounds and design and build bug hotels. Then we’ll make our own Deadly 60 fact files about the world’s deadliest animals.

There will be plenty of opportunities for art work outdoors so we will explore the work of Andy Goldsworthy before having a go at creating our own land art.

Year 4 overview 2018-2019

Year 4 Newsletter Spring 1 2019

Lea Green

Mrs.Babicki, Mr.Sinclair, Mrs.Wood and Miss Brooks would like to say a huge thank you to all of the children who went to Lea Green for making it such an enjoyable experience. Your behaviour was super and we were blown away by your determination and bravery when faced with challenges which took you out of your comfort zone. We saw some amazing team work, too.

Well done, everyone, and thank you!

Lea Green 2018

Year 4 performing their Greek plays in the amphitheatre.

IMG_0428 IMG_0426 IMG_0425 IMG_0421 IMG_0416 IMG_0411 IMG_0406 IMG_0396 IMG_0388

Y4 Murder Mystery in Ancient Greece! Whodunnit?

Year 4 relaunched our Ancient Greek topic by taking part in a murder mystery on Thursday. Working in groups, we used our thinking and reasoning skills to work out who had killed Agathon, the celebrated Athenian Hoplite. We had to use our inferential reading skills to read a range of evidence including letters, a diary entry, and a newspaper report – some of these included letters of the Greek alphabet too, so we had to decode those first! Our investigations began by studying a photo of the crime scene to look for clues. We also watched video evidence of interviews with suspects. Who had carried out the deadly deed? Was it Valeri, the jealous wife? Or Zarek, a Corinthian nobleman whose son had been killed in battle by the Athenians? Or maybe it was Baltar, a Spartan Hoplite who Agathon had beaten in a race at the Olympic Games? It was a difficult task but with some great group work we managed to piece together the clues to find out whodunnit! We had a great day!

IMG_0904 4H children dressed upY4 Ancient Greeks WOW Day

Year 4 had a great introduction to their new topic on the Ancient Greeks with a visit from Portals to the Past. We began by learning about how Greece was divided into city states and then heard how Alexander the Great established the Greek Empire. We were amazed to hear how the Indian army used elephants to fight the Greek Army! We had time to do some research of our own and we really enjoyed doing a quiz to find out about life in Ancient Greece.

After break, we took part in some Greek Theatre. We sat in a semi-circle and watched a very funny version of the story of Theseus and the Minotaur performed by Harley, Halle, Jayden and Sean. We all cheered when Theseus chopped off the Minotaur’s head! After that, we learned to play an Ancient Greek game called Petteia which was a bit like chess where the Athenians and Spartans had to capture each others’ soldiers. We also had to use team work skills to solve a puzzle set by the Greek mathematician Archimedes.IMG_1411 play

During the afternoon workshop, we learned about the Hoplites, which was the name for Ancient Greek soldiers. We found out about the uniform they wore and the weapons they carried. Then we acted out a formation which helped us learn how fearless the Hoplites were in battle.

To end the day, we played a game which was based around the story of The Trojan War. 4G were Trojans and 4H were Greeks trying to break down the city walls of Troy. It was a bit like dodgeball and we had lots of fun.

IMG_0911 Learning boards 4GWe had a great day. We’ve learned so much about Ancient Greece already and now we’re eager to find out more!  IMG_0931 soldier explaining  IMG_0919 Learning boards 4H IMG_0927 Archimedes puzzle IMG_1415 Jonty Russell playing Pettia IMG_1458 battle formation IMG_1473 Trojan war IMG_2941

Year 4 children discussing bullying during an anti-bullying workshop.4H Antibullying drama

4H Antibullying drama action shot  Circle time drama workshop 4H

IMG_2322Some great research about Indian saris.








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