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6L - Mr Sinclair

Science - Keeping Healthy


This half term the children in 6L are learning about how the human body keeps healthy.

In this science based topic children will investigate lung capacity, the effects of exercise on heart rate and what makes muscles stronger.

They will plan healthy meals and learn about the digestive system as well as the cardiovascular system.

Maths - Orienteering


In maths this half term the children are designing an orienteering map for other children to try. They have used the measuring tool on google Earth and their mathematical knowledge of scaling and ratio to draw an accurate map of the school grounds.

PE - Athletics


In P.E. children are developing their running, throwing and jumping.

They will be practising these skills ready for their final sports day at Howitt Primary School.

Computing - Text Adventures


The children in 6L have used story creating software to plan and map out their own text adventure stories in which the player can make their own choices.